Sunday 22 February 2015



Arabia is a video slot game with 5 reels and 4 fully visible symbols per reel. You can bet and win up to 40 lines.

There is a SCATTER symbol that not only awards credits but triggers all bonuses. When the scatter is awarded you're given the option to select the bonus you want to play.

There is also a WILD and a JACKPOT symbol.

Normal Spin

Scatter Symbol
Jackpot Symbol
Wild Symbol


Bonus Selection

After the scatter's credits are awarded you enter the selection room. From here you can select
  The Wheel of Fortune or one of the three Free Spins mode.

Wheel of Fortune

Free Spins x5 multiplier
Free Spins Special Wild
Free Spins Advancing Multipliers

Genie Wild

The Genie is a four part symbol and is the wild symbol when you select the Free Spins with the special wild feature.

You play 15 Free Spins with the help of the Genie.

Full Screen

When you play with maximum bet you have the opportunity to win the full screen

Auto Mode

The game has a special Auto Mode. You can select how many spins can be played automatically. You can select to auto play 10, 20 up to the next 50 spins or even to auto play all your credits. At an moment you can exit this auto mode.

In all cases when the awarded credits exceed a specific amount there is a special visual FX for 
Big Win

Big Win

This game is going to be available to various mobile platforms for free in DEMO mode which means "easter-eggs" will be enabled. This way you can enable all features except the jackpot. You only have to "explore" the main scene. Just a hint: start tapping the screen.

Like all my previous games, credits can be inserted by tapping the CREDITS area and by tapping the "Logo" area you pay the credits.


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