Thursday 26 February 2015


Alchemist is a 5 reeler video slot game with up to 9 winning lines


The Wizard is the wild symbol and at the same time if three or more appear on the screen will trigger the Free Spins Bonus.

When Free Spins are enabled then the Wizard will randomly select one of the symbols to act as Feature Symbol inside Free Spins.

Wizard selecting feature symbol
Feature Symbol inside free spins

Bonus Symbol

This symbol exists only in the middle three reels and will trigger the Action Games Bonus when it appears anywhere on all three reels.

Action Games Bonus

Jackpot Symbol

Well...... there isn't much to say.

The Jackpot Symbol will trigger the Jackpot.

This game is going to be available to various mobile platforms for free in DEMO mode which means "easter-eggs" will be enabled. This way you can enable all features except the jackpot. You only have to "explore" the main scene. Just a hint: start tapping the screen.

Like all my previous games, credits can be inserted by tapping the CREDITS area and by tapping the "Logo" area you pay the credits.


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